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"I can't describe your wonderful work Lindsay. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart."
Lisa Harris, London


"With her approachable and personable style, Lindsay easily communicates the methodology which has helped her and many others, giving easy-to-use, practical guidelines."
Steve, Estonia


"It was so beautiful and so inspiring. Lindsay created such a loving, accepting atmosphere, She was humble yet strong, passionately serious about what she was teaching yet full of humour and compassion. We all need it."
Jan, South East England


"The workshop was one of the most beautiful life-changing experiences I've had. The atmosphere was magical and Lindsay accompanied us along this exciting, wonderful and sometimes painful path, with love, compassion and joy. To attend Lindsay's workshop is an experience that everyone should have!"
Luciana Anastasia, Milan, Italy

  "As a newcomer to this environment and discipline, I was absolutely thrilled and amazed by the power of Lindsay's message and teachings."
MJ, TV Producer, Toronto, Canada

"I found the whole event brilliant, I came to the workshop for healing and that is exactly what I got."
GF, Ireland


"Lindsay's workshops provide a unique, profound positive impact on my body, mind and spirit.  Lindsay is interesting, humble and speaks with care and eloquence. No matter how many times I hear the message it is always a gift, a reminder of our human potential.”
Alisha Tamburri, Clinical Hypnotherapist, California


"I found this workshop to be extremely powerful. I thought the whole process was deeply moving and memorable, Lindsay was an excellent teacher who showed great empathy."
JE, London, England


"Lindsay gave me a private rock, a safe refuge where I can find peace and be in touch with the inner part of me."
Simona and Gisella, Italy


"The experience I had at the workshop changed my life forever. I never received so much love energy like I received from Lindsay. It's umbelievable to feel how much love energy she radiates to the people around her."
Andrea Pereira, Brazil


"A wonderful experience that really enhanced my life. I still feel  peace and tranquillity deep inside, I hadn't been feeling like this for so long."
Emanuela, Rome, Italy


"Lindsay's presence, knowledge, humor, love and enlightenment helps provide insight into oneself. The experience has left me with an understanding and an overall experience that has taught me the importance of the word, 'Perspective'."
Susan Nilsen, Brick, New Jersey


"I love the awesome combination of abstract concepts and concrete techniques that Lindsay taught. I was able to use the techniques immediately to change how I experience everyday life."
Beth Beery, Lakewood, Colorado


"Lindsay has the ability to create an atmosphere of unity consciousness simply with the way she holds space. And then she begins to speak - demonstrating intentionality as she connects with each member of the audience eye to eye and heart to heart. Lindsay uses warm humor as well as intentional wording, not only to deepen our experience in the moment but to make the lessons memorable."
Aricia LaFrance, Radio Show Host, Colorado


"Lindsay, you are a shining light and thanks to your workshop I've met new friends and we often kept in touch. You communicate a true human warmth."
Stefania Pastori, Umbria, Italy


"As an adrenaline junkie, Type A Journalist, it's my job to be cynical and suspicious. However, after interviewing Ms Wagner and experiencing first hand the Blessing and the CD, I must say as a member of the Human Race, I felt a sense of peace I had not felt in years."
Kirk Montgomery, KUSA- TV Reporter, Denver

"I've had a lot of spiritual experiences before, all of them very powerful, but this time it has been so special: I lived it as an experience of love. A deep and strong experience of love!"
Enzo, Verona, Italy

"This workshop was a most enlightening, memorable experience . The meditation and visualization along with the CD and Ms. Wagner's soothing words provided me with such a sense of peace. I will always be grateful for having had the opportunity to attend your workshop & would highly recommend it!" 
Nancy Garrett, Dillsburg, PA


"Lindsay's workshop has had an immense benefit not only to my life but also to my family.  It was a real gift." 
Dolores, Milton Keynes, England


"The weekend touched me in a way I wasn't expecting. I'd like to thank Lindsay for being such a supportive, honest and giving mentor".
Ian Dougan, Belfast, N.Ireland


"Lindsay's visualization was a very powerful and deep experience that really changed me for life and the Oneness blessings are the best medicine. Everyone should have an experience like that in life."
Eliara, Italy


"I would recommend Lindsay's workshop to anyone looking to manage their baggage."
JP, West Yorkshire, England


“I have found Lindsay's workshops and retreats to be an ideal way to relax and work on unloading some of the inner baggage which we all carry around.  Her technique to ‘Quiet the Mind'' really does work, even for a highly stressed person like me!”
M.M., Chief Operating Officer of an International Corporation, California


“Lindsay Wagner's workshop richly fed me.  It is a powerful workshop wherein I was able to heal old hurts and misunderstandings, as a result I am more relaxed and happy more of the time.  I highly recommend Lindsay Wagner's teachings -- she is a blessing and you will be blessed!”
Rev. Deidre Ashmore, Unity Minister, Spokane, Washington


"This changed my life. Every day is better, something remarkable has happened. Just one word 'Wonderful'. Keep up the good work. I am forever in your debt for this wonderful gift you have brought into my life."
TD, Ireland


"Lindsay's weekend workshop was chilled, uplifting, moving, safe, fun and, above all, left me with a sense of control and calmness."
Ian, Northern Ireland


"Lindsay's "Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart" workshop has brought a deeper sense of community to our church”. 
V. Lyon, Idaho


"Lindsay, thank you for helping me get my life back on track and making me a better person. You are truly an inspiration."
YB, Cleveland, England


"Lindsay makes everyone feel at ease and welcome and that you are all individually important to her. The guided meditation was extremely moving and enlightening and Lindsay is so calming and mesmorising to listen to."
Joanna, England


"Working with Lindsay is wonderful – her heart is truly open and centred. The beauty of what we learned is that it is so simple, loving and life enhancing! Thank you Lindsay!"
Alison, Birmingham


"Lindsay has a lovely presence that filled the weekend. I felt she was very caring and I could relax and know that she was holding the space with her gentle presence. Thank you Lindsay for bringing me another step further on my life journey".
Caroline, Ireland


"Lindsay is truly  inspirational. I never imagined I would feel the way I did today, tonight the stocks in the garden smelled stronger, the blackbirds sang  louder and life just felt so much easier!"
Gina, Cleveland England


"I was very impressed with Lindsay's knowledge and really enjoyed her rather British sense of humour and colourful language!!"
AM, England


" I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and found it emotionally healing. I found that Lindsay's serenity still inspires me weeks later.  I would like to thank you for the healing which I experienced over that weekend".
Patricia, Ireland


"A grounding, enchanting experience that will stay with me. Thankyou for helping me focus on NOW!"


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