Energy Psychology (EP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Energy Psychology, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, works via the body's energy system and is the tapping of your own acupuncture points (with your fingers) on the face and body in a particular pattern to release stress, negative emotion, unwanted responses and physical pain. It is similar to acupuncture but it uses no needles.

A brief history of Energy Psychology

The modern origins of Energy Psychology surfaced only twenty years ago when an American psychotherapist, Roger Callahan, was working with a client, Mary, who suffered from a water phobia. Callahan was pursuing a personal interest in the oriental energy meridian system. These are invisible pathways along which energy or chi flows in the body, linking the organ systems together, and which come to the surface of the body at certain points. During a particular session, Mary was experiencing her fear of water complaining about feeling sick in her stomach. Callahan asked Mary to tap the point under the eye, which is on the stomach meridian. A few moments of tapping released her life-long phobia, leaving her permanently free of it.

Callahan, knowing he'd hit on something quite extraordinary, started to research with all kinds of phobias and then all kinds of other emotional problems. His research revealed that different emotions were linked to different meridians. He developed Thought Field Therapy, how to release specific emotions by stimulating combinations of meridian points.

In 1995, one of Callahan's students Gary Craig, launched a simplified version of TFT, eliminating muscle testing and concern for a sequence of meridians, substituting instead a standard algorithm of tapping on all the meridians. He called this method Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT], which turned the more complex therapy into a simple self-help tool. During this period of the 1990s, the clinical psychologist Fred Gallo coined the term ‘energy psychology' to describe all of these techniques collectively.

How does it work?

Energy flows through meridians in our bodies much the same way blood flows through our veins. When a person receives a physical injury or emotional shock, a blockage occurs in the meridian system and a disruption in energy flow results. Negative emotions are not created by the event itself, they are created by the disruption in the energy system that occurs as a result of the event.

The negative emotion is then re-experienced whenever that event comes to mind. If the blockage is not removed or re-balanced it can result in causing anything from depression, stress and other emotional problems to physical problems such as muscle tension, pains or even, in the worst cases, cancer or heart disease.

EP/EFT works by releasing the blockage and therefore any negative emotions and undesired responses, to re-balance the energy system and allow energy to flow freely and change your perspective of any circumstance.  Without the blockage in the energy system the original event will still have occurred, but there is no longer a negative feeling associated with it. It just becomes a memory, which happened, but is no longer affecting the mind and body systems. This technique can be used on both emotional and physical issues.

As limiting beliefs can arise from energy disturbances, we can also apply these techniques for personal development and for peak performance. For example; building confidence, public speaking, accelerated learning, better concentration, more creativity, increasing performance in sports or work.


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