"Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart" Workshops

The workshops are two or three day events to suit the requirements of the group. In a safe and loving environment participants will explore how we perceive life through the stencil of the mind. We will learn a system of tapping the acupuncture points with the fingers and other techniques for easily releasing negative emotions and breaking through undesirable patterns that affect family dynamics, intimate relations, friendships, the work place and yes, even your golf game.

Woven throughout the program are beautiful music, relaxation, visualization and the Oneness Deeksha, a healing energy meditation that effortlessly initiates opening to a greater experience of our connectedness, feeling more whole inside and allowing peace, clarity and unconditional love to emerge.

The Oneness Deeksha is an exquisite method to help us on the journey of awakening. Lindsay is a Oneness Deeksha (Blessing) Trainer as well as a facilitator of other energy medicine techniques. 


"Open To Oneness" Evenings

An "Open To Oneness" Evening is usually two or three hours in duration and includes the Oneness Deeksha, a healing energy meditation with a background of beautiful music. In a safe and loving environment, we sit or recline and allow ourselves to comfortably observe and/or release, that which keeps us from experiencing Oneness, the joy of being alive and the potential we never dreamed we had. From this awakening, through our new perspective, our lives and experiences begin to shift naturally. An inspiring evening that creates a safe environment in which to enhance your spiritual awakening.



Retreats can be three days or longer in duration and take the workshop experience deeper and further. This safe and loving environment allows the ability to address more specifically individual issues while working in small groups or during individual sessions. The retreats embrace the Oneness Deeksha and further explore simple, yet effective techniques for relaxation and releasing negative emotions and undesired responses.


Lindsay travels frequently in the United States, Europe and worldwide, offering weekday and weekend workshops, oneness meditation evenings and retreats.
If you, your organisation or company would like to invite Lindsay to your church, local community or workplace and sponsor a workshop or Awakening Oneness Evening, please contact us




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