'Awakening and integrating body, mind and spirit in a natural, holistic way'

Aspirations we all have in common such as peace of mind, better relationships, health, peak performance and creativity can more readily be achieved by looking at them from a different and more holistic point of view.

Lindsay Wagner's workshops and retreats are about having a shift in our perspective and what a powerful affect that can have on one's life.

The programs are very experience-oriented and include many activities that address and nurture body, mind and spirit. In a safe and loving environment one has the opportunity to recognize thoughts and old wounds we carry with us that cause us more pain than our actual circumstance.  Often, we're not even aware we have them.

Participants will learn relaxation techniques and EP (energy psychology) or EFT (emotional freedom techniques); simple but very effective methods of dealing with their own personal challenges. Energy Psychology is the tapping of your own acupuncture points (with your fingers) in a particular pattern to release stress, negative emotions and unwanted responses. These techniques can be used easily at home or just about anywhere.

Quiet time, beautiful music and the Oneness Deeksha are laced throughout the programs. The Oneness Deeksha is opening to experiencing our inherent connection to the whole of creation and the peace and power that comes from that.
The workshops can be the catalyst to breaking through undesirable patterns that affect our family dynamics, intimate relations, friendships and our workplace and yes, even our golf game.


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